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Quid Novi?

...you say "fangirl" like it's a bad thing.

The Jesta Problem
30 June 1987
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This journal finished in 2008 -- the new one is parasolprincess. everything here is from before.

'Lo~~ This is Jesta, who is not wonderfully amazing at updating her eljay the moment. Nor is she over-fond of writing bios...

I am an incurable fangirl. Buahahha. Things that I fangirl include... CATS, Final Fantasy VII (not the whole compilation malarky tho...) - especially BIGGS WEDGE JESSIE -, ReBoot, Cowboy Bebop, Othello, Narnia, Twelfth Night, Firefly, Red Dwarf, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The French Revolution (ohh, it is so a fandom, the way I go about things...), Metal Gear Solid, Warcraft III, Disney anything, Final Fantasy VI too, and SNO WHITE AND THE SEVEN SWORDS... stuff like that. I tend to get my brain taken over by great long fanfic ideas (we're talking several season tv show style here) that never actually get written.

I'm a student at Bristol Uni where I do music. Compositions and doodles will pop up here from time to time, or more frequently at the website. I'm also lately getting into recording things and learning more of the techie side of things.

Also, I'm a Christian, most definitely. Even if I haven't worked out how exactly this works online~


If you want to friend me and stuff, of course please do :) I don't tend to make very many friendslocked posts. And please feel free to poke me about any of the above mentioned things or really things in general!


Also appearing at...
writeitbaby (Write Or Die) // mintypics (iconses) // cinnamelorian (scrapbook/notebook/allsorts!) // music50 (awesome thing) // vieux_cordelier (the highly unlikely Vieux Cordelier translation project!!)


Le wonderful Camille Desmoulins layout was an 18th birthday present from destiny_hikari! ♥!
"tea" as a euphemism, alan menken, amadeus, andrew lloyd webber, angel, antonio, arm warmers, avalanche, barret, beethoven, biggs wedge jessie, bleh afk, bob, buffy the vampire slayer, camille desmoulins, cardboard boxes, care bears, cassio, cats, chariots of fire, chocobos, composing, cordelia, cowboy bebop, cravats, cross-dressing heroines, disney, dragonheart, dramatical things, dvorak, edward-wong-hau-pepelu-tivrusky-iv, eowyn, eponine, eyebrows, fanfic, faye valentine, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, firefly, fruit tea, gcu, god, hal emmerich, hans zimmer, harry potter, hexadecimal, history, hyperness, jackson browne, jellicle cats, jellicle songs, jemima, jesus, jet black, jumping on tables, la révolution française, latin, le petit prince, le vieux cordelier, les miserables, let them eat cake, lord of the rings, macavity, manga, maximilien robespierre, metal gear solid, michael cassio, mistoffelees, mouse, movies, mr flibble, mulan, mungojerrie and rumpelteazer, music, musicals, narnia, newsies, nobuo uematsu, not coursework, not growing up, oboe, obsessing about sez, obsessions, oriel's diary, otacon, othello, parodies, peter pan, piano, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, poetry, pokémon, pretty boys, printen, puddleglum, puns, raiden, randy edelman, ray tracer, reading, reboot, red dwarf, revolution, revolutions, robespierre, rosencrantz and guildenstern, rpgs, savage garden, saving the world, schumann, sexy shakespearean males, shakespeare, shakespeare's fools, shakespearean girls in drag, singing, snark, soundtracks, spike spiegel, storming the bastille, taskmaker, terra, terry pratchett, the french revolution, the great mouse detective, the last unicorn, the princess bride, the rum tum tugger, the watch, theatre, thrall/jaina, tom stoppard, ts eliot, twelfth night, underrated revolutionaries, unsung heroes, video games, vincent valentine, viola, voice acting, warcraft, witty repartee, writer boys, writing, xor, yoko kanno, yuffie kisaragi, zelphon ki, à bas la shin-ra