Am currently loving The Space Trilogy (or the Cosmic Trilogy or Planets or Ransom or whatever these books are really called!) Have been getting them on iTunes and listening while I do music etc! ^^ V. good. I read Out of the Silent Planet years ago at school and remember reeeally getting into it then even though it was maybe little bit hard going for me. I really liked it this time round. And Perelandra, which I'd never read was just mind-blowing. Seriously. ...I must get Dan to read these, for the Tolkein references quite apart from anything else!!

...I shall just share one amoose and apropos of nothing much quote from That Hideous Strength which I've just lately started.....

Dr. Dimble looked out of the window. "There is my dullest pupil just ringing the bell," he said. "I must go to the study, and listen to an essay on Swift beginning, 'Swift was born.'"

Heehee. Don't start essays like that.


*rolls eyes* ...Soo, having not to do harmony any more, for some reason I completely voluntarily write a chorale ^^

Anyway, yees, am also not working v. hard on my school composition. Sigh sigh. Tis always hard to start work (again).

ps. yesterday I completely finished (a draft of) my radio play script :) :) :) Finally!
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This girl should be listened to..!

My latest musical discovery! Kate Akhurst

There's four songs on myspace, I like all of them, specially maybe Crazy On That Stuff cos it's so poppy and bouncy. And also You're Welcome... and.. yeah, all of them. Probably my very favourite though is War in Your Warning which is only on the album. (Which I snagged off iTunes.) It's just... well, too short for one thing!! I love how a lot of the songs can start sounding like one thing or mood and switch to something quite different in the middle. ...OK, this sounds like it wouldn't work, but it really does.

I'm very bad at explaining why I like music buuuut I thought I should give it a go here because this girl should be all over the radio seeeriously :) Cos I really like my pure pop even with "RnB leanings" (which I don't think is something I'd... think I like... but if it's like this then I do!) and I love the shiny production. So I dunno if you'll like this music, but I do and also I think it's the best kind of mainstream-acceptable stuff that people should be yelling along to at parties.

She's one of those people like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt that tackles the fiddly difficult emotions like dissatisfaction very well. (Stylistically there are bits a little reminiscent of No Doubt too, like the ska-pop brass and some of the fun vocal technique~ Not a bad thing at all. And still very her own thing.)


My not-quite-so-recent and more famous musical discovery is F.I.R. Awesome, awesome, quite crazy Taiwanese band. Quite famous for a song called "Lydia" which is just lovely. Again, this makes me want to have a go with producing because look how cool it can be..! I've just got one album and even on that, the all-over-the-place genre references are fab. It's like... pop/rock/baroque-rock (according to wikipedia, seriously! And anyway, I can totally hear that!) with the odd twist of metal (but I like it, ok?), traditional Chinese, ... and there are bagpipes (Uillelian pipes?) on one absolutely beautiful track.

Yaaay music.

...Heee, yeh, soo I guess that's an upside of doing this essay -- I can actually listen to music sometimes while I work again!!

What's In The Box?

The short film I did music for last week ^_^ It is here!

It's a film by my friend Haruka for a competition about why it's important to learn languages. Tis sooo cute ^_^ And a little surreal! The music is... well, cute too~ (And basically done in two nights flat.)

Also, woe and alas, Robin Hood is all over now :( It was really, really fantastic, especially the last night when 1. I didn't almost fall over jumping onto stage for Uptown Girl (...3 inch heels have a downside, you know!), 2. we didn't mess up Sisters and 3. the audience were the best yet, 4. there were some great ad libs, including one by yours truly XD Fun fun fun fun. Photos maybe forthcoming... (EDIT: oh yes, there are some on facebook!)

Now, I guess, back to work ^^ etcetera.

Amid the Busy...

Two amusing things:

1. The number of Red Riding Hood songs there are! (...iTunes store is fun...) From this which is apparently a bit of a classic and has been covered a lot (and is a lot of fun!) to the one on this cd which amuses me particularly...

They call her a hood, little Miss Red
Cos of the scarf she wears on her head
She's such a sweet girl, but don't treat her harshly
Like that wolf did who's pushing up parsley


Up sprang the wolf all ferocious and fierce
On his head granny's nightcap, in his paw was her purse
"Cowabunga!" cried Red, and leapt in the fray...
He crossed the wrong girl, and now he would pay.


2. I got my hair cut today. At a barber's. XD It cost... LESS THAN HALF of what I'd pay most other places. Only a little more than half of what it cost at Supercuts, in fact. Haha. Is the end of Jesta's epic quest for a reasonably priced haircut?? (Any advance on £12.50 wash/cut/style? Other than DIY, free, obviously, cos I've decided I should probably resist any self-hair-cutting urges I get for the time being at least!)

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Anyway, TODAY, mes parents and James are coming from Oxford any time now! Yay! ...Still no work, yay ^^; But I did mail Jonathan man about the TWO potential recording engagements this week, so that's, like, productive, right?


So, I'm going through the beginning of my half-finished draft of Charlotte Doyle for my radio play type thing, and making a list of all the sound effects I will need to find/record. THERE ARE A LOT!! (Doesn't help that practically the entire thing is set on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic ^^;)

But anyway..... tis kind of fun to think about though. this is amusing -- list of film sound clichés!