The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem

The Move

Hello! I'm still here! But I won't be for much longer...

Yes, I am changing journals! I can now be found at parasolprincess, a basic account I cunningly got for other purposes some years ago. (I'm still Jesta, though!) I haven't added friends or communities or anything yet. Feel free to pre empt me if you want! XD

Why? Um. Because I'm 21. And because I haven't posted in ages. Those are actually my reasons although there's a bit more behind both of them... I know this is a bit of grand gesture, but, hey, I've never done it before!

I think I'll leave this journal online, because of the funny fandom bits and stuff... and because... I don't know... - however odd and awkward I find the myself-of-years-gone-by, some of you guys (or your past selves) liked her for some reason... Which I'm grateful for! I may take some of the remaining truly embarrassing bits down though, if I can be bothered.

Also, the layout will stay up here for perpetuity because 1. it was my birthday present preciouss! from Helen!! and 2. Yaay, Camille Desmoulins! I guess I'll use S2 for the New Journal though, so I can have tags etcetera.

Also, I will try to actually update the New Journal (more than) once in a while. This will take some doing.
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