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holiday review!

Whew... OK, so for the first time in a long time I've actually done all the work that I had to do over the a holiday :)

I've even got lots of auditions for the radio play coming in -- though still nowhere near enough guys, unfortunately.

And I've actually written something like eighteen and a half minutes of music over the last three weeks.

And today I saw Rachel! - and we had coffee and cake, and then lunch, and then 50p Ben's Cookies! ...We also walked around a lot! ^^;; AND best of all we went to what's now called Hands-On or Science Oxford but what used to be CuriOXity, the most wonderful fun fun fun science museum/room with stuff to do out of our childhoods. And it was just we remembered and just as good! (Though it was worrying that the putting-the-cube-together thing was quite so challenging at our age...)

And I've just had a bath and now I'm drying off and writing this. And it is admittedly quite late...

So... I think one of the better holidays of uni in summation... did work; also saw people (Dan and Matthew, Sez, ZZ and Jo, Rachel), went to London, saw the Lion King, even got some shopping in, discovered Quantum Leap (XD), saw a couple films, and spent time hanging out with parents ^^ Twas good.

And now... hm, I'm not particularly keen to go back to Bristol because a) I like it here and I shall miss Bonnie and b) woooooork and streeeeeeess and stuff encroach. Ho hum.

Bonniiiiiieeee~ is soo cute.
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