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My parents both like my atonal-y crash smashy orchestra music ^_^ Hee. Or, anyway, they say they do, which is nice :) And it's not really that atonal. Tis just that I'd have difficulty saying what key it's in most of the time... Schoenberg liked to say 'pan tonal', didja know? According to Richard Fawkes.

Anyway, longer update!

Yesterday: trip to London with my mum! (for no reason other than its the holidays, and I've been stuck in my room the entire time!)
sdfkjheroijdfgldfgdflksdflkj LION KING!!!!
(oh look, I accidentally typed 'hero' ... is that significant? ^^)
sdfsfksdfjsdfksdfhfds ginormous puppet elephant!!
dfkdfjlkdfgjlkdsfsf dancing people in Can You Feel The Love Tonight!
EEEEEEE Rafiki. Rafiki Rafiki Rafiki!! The woman playing her was just one of the best singers I think I have EVER heard. Plus, the way she acted was hilarious. Eee. Wow. I could listen to her like all day!

Aaaand today I saw ZZ and Jo and Sez for the first time in ONE MILLION YEARS. Yaay~~ Hello, yous!

And on Friday I am seeing Rachel ^___^ This is awesome because I haven't seen her ages, and like every day I kept thinking I should write a big fat letter or something... then my mum reminded me of the existance of my mobile phone... whereupon I found a text from a day ago!

Also in London: bought a loverly silk (!!) dress on mad sale from East in Covent Garden. AND - from the really cool music/movies store on the South Bank - a five-CD-for-£20 dealie (one of the "CD"s was in fact five CDs, hehehe~~) because I figure I need to actually listen to more music. Because 1. being a music student, it's kind of quite shocking the standard repertoire even that I have no idea of... and more importantly 2.quite frequently when I have to listen to some composer or something for work, or come across some music randomly I've found something that I REALLY like. Soo, I'm thinking I should be more active about this. and 3 of course, yay composing inspiration to steal etc!

I now have... (& haven't listened to yet, mainly due to the impossibility of listening to music while trying to write other music..!)
-- Shostakovich Symphony 8. [While looking for the symphony we played in TVYO, I heard a bit of this and I loved the eerie-spooky meandering strings. ...I haven't heard anywhere near all of it though; it is LONG!]
-- Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony No. 2, Die Glückliche Hand, Wind Quarter op 26 [Haven't heard any of these. Have heard OF them! Anyway, seems like a nice selection, and it's conducted and programme-noted by Robert Craft the same guy as my other CD.]
-- Adam de la Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion as performed by Tonus Peregrinus. [Heeee. Yes, the medieval-musical I did my essay on. ...I did my essay on it BECAUSE I rather liked it! This is a quite funny recording- with the text of the play acted out in modern English, with the old French narrated off to one side at the same time... sounds crazy and... it kind of it, but it's cool.]
-- Carl Orff: Carmina Burana [Because I haven't - consciously - heard it! And I'm told it's the archetypal big choir score stuff that everyone rips off for movie trailers sooo.... ^.~]
-- Aaand a 5CD pack "Symphonies." Stuff by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Mahler and Dvorak. It's something like my third copy of Dvorak's New World symphony (♥) but other than that..!


This is all so very random!

I'm feeling quite chipper now; between times I've been sliiightly majorly stressing about the amount of stuff I have to do and the fact that I still need people for this radio play (although I do have some! yay!) and the fact that so far I'm producing/directing/EVERYTHING it and it's all a bit scary....

Hum! Anyway! Food time I think!
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