The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem

Amid the Busy...

Two amusing things:

1. The number of Red Riding Hood songs there are! (...iTunes store is fun...) From this which is apparently a bit of a classic and has been covered a lot (and is a lot of fun!) to the one on this cd which amuses me particularly...

They call her a hood, little Miss Red
Cos of the scarf she wears on her head
She's such a sweet girl, but don't treat her harshly
Like that wolf did who's pushing up parsley


Up sprang the wolf all ferocious and fierce
On his head granny's nightcap, in his paw was her purse
"Cowabunga!" cried Red, and leapt in the fray...
He crossed the wrong girl, and now he would pay.


2. I got my hair cut today. At a barber's. XD It cost... LESS THAN HALF of what I'd pay most other places. Only a little more than half of what it cost at Supercuts, in fact. Haha. Is the end of Jesta's epic quest for a reasonably priced haircut?? (Any advance on £12.50 wash/cut/style? Other than DIY, free, obviously, cos I've decided I should probably resist any self-hair-cutting urges I get for the time being at least!)
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