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Hee :) I seem to be like recording one concert per week at the moment!! (Mostly - like yesterday - I'm really hardly actually doing anything and it's not very difficult or impressive. Just like listening to the concert but occasionally twiddling the levels a tad; I didn't even have to do any setting up.) I'm getting paid in Baileys again for this one! (My old Baileys is long gone, mostly from being at the cast party last term XD)

Anyway, that was last night. Scratch choir concert at St. Paul's church. It was a good concert, some of the music was very lovely ^^ Only problem was it was about zero degrees in there! I felt very sorry for the singers that had been in there ALL DAY, and at least the audience and I could wear coats and stuff!

And before that, I spend most of the day MAKING THINGS! Props and backdrops etc for the panto ^_^ Like, poster paints and cardboard and PVA glue ^^ It was like being at primary school again. I really really like actually physically making things. Not amazing things... although I was rather proud of the gold and jewelled staff thing I made! Glitter glue and sparkly pipe cleaners ♥

...If you're getting the impression I haven't done any work in a while, you would be correct ^^; I'm busy busy busy!! Oh, well, at least I'm not actually wasting time, you know? Keeping busy can be good. I'm sure I actually get things done sometime ........ I don't particularly like to think about all the stuff I have to do and when I'm going to though ^^; Sometime! Yes! Bit by bit. ...I still need to write a silly (non-assessed) essay thing that was due Friday ^^; But it's for Matthais and he's a Phd student and it's not like he can mark ALL our work at once.... and he probably won't mind ..... ....Which is a very bad reason for acting like this isn't it? OH WELL! Will do it soooon!

Anyway! The day before that was fun too! Mostly. I have to say that studio seminar was very boring mostly.... *sigh* Explaining how to use PowerPoint some of the time, seriously! (We have to do presentations in a couple weeks, GUAAAH.) ..I mean, not that I actually really know how to user PowerPoint but I figure I will just work it out if I have to...
But what WAS fun was:
1. acapella quartet rehearsal in the morning~ Even though three out of the four of us had sore throats or various other illnesses. And I was singing soprano 1 and sounding truly awful XD I mean, maybe 10 in the morning isn't the best singing time, but I'm sure 'twill get better as e.g. the weather improves ^^
2. singing again in the evening XD I was a lot more awake and able to sing by then.... HEHEHEEEEE, it's going to be the best song in the panto EVER. (....Eurythmics 'Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves' .... sung by me and PETE, as the dame!!) It's all like dancing around the stage and being diva-ish~ And THEN I was in quite a hyperactive mood and we stayed at the epi and danced sillily etc and twas fun. I quite like the Epi because it's like... so very empty most of the time ^^ Hee. I mean... it's got tables and chairs and table football and stuff, and a supposed dance floor that was not used at all until we got there ... Cos, yes, sometimes I am in the mood for silly jumping around and singing and dancing and stuff, but actual clubs are generally too far away and noisy and dark and cramped and stuff and just silly. I like our Epi ^^ Ended up staying there till it closed at 1.30 ... mostly because I requested 'Don't Stop Me Now' so Pete and Richard would sing it ... and the DJ wouldn't play it till right at the very end. (I also request two other things though, and they got played~ Yaay.)

I have probablement said, but I really do like the panto crew. They always say it's the friendliest performing arts society, and I really think it is. And now that I'm not one of the really new people myself, it's cool to see that the actual new people are getting involved and included and are very cool too.
...Sometimes I do kind of feel like..... I don't know... that hanging out with those people is sort of an escape from real life and thinking and things? Rather than really engaging? Hm, never mind, that didn't end up making sense. Something like.. I'm having a great time but I'm still so sort of flattered and overcome by it all that I don't necessarily take responsibility...? That doesn't make sense either. Bla >.>

Anyway, TODAY, mes parents and James are coming from Oxford any time now! Yay! ...Still no work, yay ^^; But I did mail Jonathan man about the TWO potential recording engagements this week, so that's, like, productive, right?
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