The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem


We just watched Enchanted ^__^ (Finally!) Total brilliance! It is made of win.

Also, according to the "Coming Sooooon!"s, they're making... 1. a prequel to The Little Mermaid and 2. a film called Tinkerbell!!

Now, bear with me; yes, both of these are very, very sweatdrop-inducing. But! They are 2D animation! It still exists!!! (The like 5 minutes at the start and the end of Enchanted made me so very happy!) And they probably have songs. And, anyway, Disney music!! Which, you know, got me thinking. (ED: OK, Tinkerbell isn't animated animated. ....and it's VERY sweatdrop-inducing, GAH!)


I just need to work very very quickly now... Which entails getting enough sleep. Which I shall now embark on. I'm going to go to bed and read - guess what? - The Long Patrol!! Squeeeee. Yay, Redwall. (I've pretty much forgotten what happens in most of them -- with notable exceptions: Mariel of Redwall I think I could still give you a decent plot outline. And Mossflower. Martin The Warrior. (*sob*) But yes ^^ Much fun!)
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