The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem


Am currently loving The Space Trilogy (or the Cosmic Trilogy or Planets or Ransom or whatever these books are really called!) Have been getting them on iTunes and listening while I do music etc! ^^ V. good. I read Out of the Silent Planet years ago at school and remember reeeally getting into it then even though it was maybe little bit hard going for me. I really liked it this time round. And Perelandra, which I'd never read was just mind-blowing. Seriously. ...I must get Dan to read these, for the Tolkein references quite apart from anything else!!

...I shall just share one amoose and apropos of nothing much quote from That Hideous Strength which I've just lately started.....

Dr. Dimble looked out of the window. "There is my dullest pupil just ringing the bell," he said. "I must go to the study, and listen to an essay on Swift beginning, 'Swift was born.'"

Heehee. Don't start essays like that.
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