The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem

This girl should be listened to..!

My latest musical discovery! Kate Akhurst

There's four songs on myspace, I like all of them, specially maybe Crazy On That Stuff cos it's so poppy and bouncy. And also You're Welcome... and.. yeah, all of them. Probably my very favourite though is War in Your Warning which is only on the album. (Which I snagged off iTunes.) It's just... well, too short for one thing!! I love how a lot of the songs can start sounding like one thing or mood and switch to something quite different in the middle. ...OK, this sounds like it wouldn't work, but it really does.

I'm very bad at explaining why I like music buuuut I thought I should give it a go here because this girl should be all over the radio seeeriously :) Cos I really like my pure pop even with "RnB leanings" (which I don't think is something I'd... think I like... but if it's like this then I do!) and I love the shiny production. So I dunno if you'll like this music, but I do and also I think it's the best kind of mainstream-acceptable stuff that people should be yelling along to at parties.

She's one of those people like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt that tackles the fiddly difficult emotions like dissatisfaction very well. (Stylistically there are bits a little reminiscent of No Doubt too, like the ska-pop brass and some of the fun vocal technique~ Not a bad thing at all. And still very her own thing.)


My not-quite-so-recent and more famous musical discovery is F.I.R. Awesome, awesome, quite crazy Taiwanese band. Quite famous for a song called "Lydia" which is just lovely. Again, this makes me want to have a go with producing because look how cool it can be..! I've just got one album and even on that, the all-over-the-place genre references are fab. It's like... pop/rock/baroque-rock (according to wikipedia, seriously! And anyway, I can totally hear that!) with the odd twist of metal (but I like it, ok?), traditional Chinese, ... and there are bagpipes (Uillelian pipes?) on one absolutely beautiful track.

Yaaay music.

...Heee, yeh, soo I guess that's an upside of doing this essay -- I can actually listen to music sometimes while I work again!!
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