The Jesta Problem (jesta_ariadne) wrote,
The Jesta Problem

What's In The Box?

The short film I did music for last week ^_^ It is here!

It's a film by my friend Haruka for a competition about why it's important to learn languages. Tis sooo cute ^_^ And a little surreal! The music is... well, cute too~ (And basically done in two nights flat.)

Also, woe and alas, Robin Hood is all over now :( It was really, really fantastic, especially the last night when 1. I didn't almost fall over jumping onto stage for Uptown Girl (...3 inch heels have a downside, you know!), 2. we didn't mess up Sisters and 3. the audience were the best yet, 4. there were some great ad libs, including one by yours truly XD Fun fun fun fun. Photos maybe forthcoming... (EDIT: oh yes, there are some on facebook!)

Now, I guess, back to work ^^ etcetera.
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